Founding Members

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President -- P. Matthew Hilton

Mr. Hilton is the President and Founder of No Warrior without Help, Inc. Mr. Hilton has overall accountability, responsibility and authority for the management of the and affairs pertaining to No Warrior without Help. He has oversight of the organization to meet the donors, recipients of the services we provide, and to comply with the applicable laws and regulation within the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Hilton also maintains the transparency and accuracy and integrity on our financial informations reporting and disclosure requirements, internal controls and management if information systems. He established effective fundraising programs and initiatives for corporate and individual contributors and instituted proper organizational stewardship of these gifts.

Vice President -- Joshua Bryant

Mr. Bryant was the first Vice President of No Warrior without Help, Inc. He also served on the Board of Directors as the Director of Web Design and Development. Mr. Bryant spent his free time updating web content, getting involved in organizational fundraising projects, meeting with event planners, meeting with contributors and working on collaboration methods for the organization's members. He is open to new ideas for web content and any ideas that will help to improve the efficiency of the organization.

Director -- Robert Gehres II

Mr. Gerhes served on the Board of Directors for No Warrior without Help Inc. Mr.Gehres gave professional advice to the organization's members, assists in fundraising events, and provides assistance in many other areas as needed.

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Corporate Sponsor

We charish our sponsors as they assist us in providing help to wounded veterans in need. Without their help, we would not bethe organization that we are today! Thank you for your Support!

6 Armstrong Road Shelton, CT 06484
Toll Free: 877-259-7693
Local: 203-929-3200

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